If you have never traveled overseas, and especially in Europe, I would advise you to check the many useful websites online. You can save yourself many headaches.

Make sure you take note on how to travel safe and better, while travelling long distances on airplanes.

For those who have traveled but never to Italy, here I have a few suggestions for you.

  • First, travel light. Take what you really need for a few days.
  • Pack your best comfortable tennis shoes. We will be walking a lot!
  • October and April can surprises us. Bring a coat and a light wind breaker. Check the weather online before leaving and dress accordingly. Pack a couple of electrical converters for your gadgets, like razors, laptop etc. as your American plug will not match European outlets.

We will talk about safety tips once you arrive at the hotel.

  • However, in the meantime keep your wallet in your front pocket. (for men)
  • For ladies, keep your purse across and in front of you (not on the side). Thieves go around with scissors to cut off your purse and run away with it.

I have the habit of always making a copy of every document that travels with me including driver license, passports, credit cards, medical cards etc. (you can also take a picture of each one but copies are a must in case you lose your phone.

  • Take a backpack with you. 

Of course you can email me if you need more info.